Your site should be fast, secure, and most importantly up all the time. Downtime costs you money from lost sales and visitors. Slow speed impacts your search results, and if pages load slowly you’ll lose visitors.

Warp10 Performance Web Hosting employs a bespoke architecture for your site. Multiple servers running in a load-balanced, clustered configuration mean you enjoy

  • Speed: Each visitor is sent to the least-busy server in the cluster
  • Resiliency: if one server fails or slows down, traffic automatically switches to another in the cluster and our engineering staff is notified immediately — before you or your visitors notice any impact!
  • Performance: in testing, each server alone was able to handle more than 15,000 requests per minute. Together, capacity nears 50,000 requests per minute.
  • Reliability: uptime on the servers is better than 99.9% including all scheduled maintenance windows. We take the servers out of the cluster for maintenance and put them back in when complete, so the total cluster uptime is over 99.999%

Server Specs

Many providers don’t mention the specs of their equipment because they don’t want it known how many older, slower computers are still serving websites with subpar speed and reliability. Warp10 Performance Web Hosting has chosen top of the line equipment and specs and will never overload the server. Each server is a Dell PowerEdge with

  • Dual Intel Xeon® X5650 CPU 2.6 GHZ HexaCore (24 threads)
  • 32 GB server RAM
  • 240GB SSD Drives
  • Dedicated 100 MB port on the core routers

We’ll even show you our test scores!

Server NY1  |  Server NY2  |  Server NY3

100% Green Hosting

All services are hosted at TurnKey Internet’s private data center in Latham, NY (upstate), with a 100% power and network availability guarantee.

Located in the heart of New York’s Tech Valley Region, our green, SSAE-16 Certified, data center is the choice of clients in over 100 countries who turn to TurnKey as both an economical and ecological answer to their IT needs.

Our environmentally-conscious approach assures low-impact, low-energy answers to everyday cloud-hosting needs by leveraging the most robust clean energy systems available today, while maintaining the highest level of data center reliability and performance.

TurnKey Internet was selected by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR® Partner, and as a Silver-Certified Business by the Green America Organization. TurnKey is also a certified Green Business Bureau member.

Fully-managed & secure

Warp10 Performance Web Hosting takes care of all server-level maintenance and upkeep so you can concentrate on getting stuff done. Our service is designed for developers and access is tightly-controlled.

Tech Notes:

  • FTP services are not provided. Sites are deployed to the servers using git, and it is expected that images, etc will be imported using MigrateDB Pro or similar. Getting this setup is part of our migration service when you bring your site to Warp10.
  • All WordPress and plugin or theme updates are deployed using composer or WP-CLI. Premium plugins are handled by setting up a Dropbox folder shared between you and the server, and any uploaded plugins or themes are automatically deployed within an hour. We also have customers using the Dropbox system to upload image libraries and podcasts.
  • For our Enteprise and Warp10 customers, all updates (except premium plugins) are first applied on an off-site, identical development server. After installing them, we verify they function as expected with your site and content, and should a plugin break something on your site we will work directly with the plugin developer to resolve the problem on your behalf. We then sync your site from the development server to your live site and re-verify things work as expected.

We maintain uptime monitoring on all services, both internally and via a third party. Engineers are notified within seconds when any issue arises. We also employ centralized server logging using a third party service, so any odd activity on a server is immediately reported to an administrator.

All access to the server is firewalled, with only the necessary ports open. We only use SSH, and login requires an ED25519 private/public key pair, accessed only through a server located outside the main data center. Accounts on the core server are strictly limited to Warp10 engineers. It is not possible to access the command line on any of the cluster machines from the public internet.

All access from the core (external) machine to the cluster is over encrypted VPN link on private (non-routable) IPv4 address space. All traffic within the cluster runs on a dedicated, hard-wired internal-only network on a separate VLAN from everything else in the data center.

Each website on the cluster runs under its own Linux user. This separates each site from its neighbors so if unauthorized code somehow makes it onto one customer’s site it cannot affect any other client’s site.

Warp10 Performance Web Hosting does not provide email services and will not host applications that store personal information such as credit card information on our cluster. Third party services such as Google Apps or Yandex (email) and Stripe, Square or PayPal (payment systems) are required.

We do not allow outbound unsolicited email, push notifications or SMS messages in any amount. Any email or notification sending, whether for transactional or marketing purposes, must flow through a reputable third party provider such as SendGrid, MailChimp, Aweber or SendPulse, and must include a double opt-in requirement to sign up.

Deep Dive (for the real techies)

The following two diagrams describe the basics of our clustered setup. We use open-source software including the NginX web server, PHP (7.1 and 7.2), MariaDB, ProxySQL, and GlusterFS. All servers currently run on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Block diagram of the Warp10 cluster architecture. At each level multiple devices and software stacks are setup. Tap the image for full-size.

Block diagram of a typical GlusterFS shared filesystem setup. Each Warp10 server is a GlusterFS server and client.

Through careful application of the multiple layers of software on multiple bare-iron servers, each request is able to be handled entirely on the server it is directed to, even if the GlusterFS shared file system or the MariaDB database server on that machine happen to be down. The GlusterFS and ProxySQL clients simply request the underlying resource (image file, database record) from one of the other servers.

Other features:

Each Warp10 plan includes several add-on items, as described on our Pricing page.