As I write this the day after Christmas, things are coming together for the debut of Warp10 Performance Web Hosting. Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been setting up and configuring our cluster of servers.

Here’s a high-level overview of one component in the system — our file storage cluster:

We use GlusterFS in a couple of places in our architecture:

  1. It forms the backbone of our redundant media storage.
  2. It is used on our application servers to keep your WordPress code and plugins identical at all times.

Similarly, our application servers (where your WordPress code runs along with the web server software) and database servers are redundant. We’re deploying the service with three servers at each of the app, storage and data levels, with two caching nodes responsible for maintaining PHP session (which are how you login to your WordPress admin) and some of the site content after it’s pulled from the database.

One of the top benefits for us of the multi-layer stack is that as our customers grow we can add servers at any layer needed without taking the other layers down. The multiple servers in each layer allow us to maintain individual servers without causing you downtime.

Next Steps is the first live site to be deployed on the new architecture. I deployed a testing-only site the week before Christmas, and I’ll be sharing the results of that load test as well as my testing against this site soon.

My site will be the next to migrate. That’s tomorrow morning, December 27th. It’s the down season for storm chasing, but having this site deployed on the new architecture will give me the opportunity to benchmark a site that contains quite a bit of custom code and fairly heavy database queries on the home page.

We’ll start the migration of The Sin Bin right around January 1. The site passed the 1-million visitor mark last month, and they have some exciting things coming that we’re looking forward to having them with the extra visitor capacity our system offers. They’ll also be one of our more intensive migrations (which we do by hand, unlike other hosts who use a plugin or some form of automation). We have to confirm function under a new URL structure against the Sin Bin app before it goes live. Scheduled go-live for The Sin Bin is the overnight of Jan 6 into Jan 7.

After that I’ll be able to finish out the signup system and have Warp10 ready for sales on January 15th. It’s been quite a ride, and I’m looking forward to the next phase in our mutual growth!

Yours in Success,
Scott Roberts, Founder (

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